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Woods in the Hood.

Not much can compare to a day in the woods with your homies enjoying mild, warm temperatures under the canopy of green surrounding exceptional trails. The boys pictured here live for this, its their day to day. ‘Not too ferkin bad’ you might say but its only due to the love of the woods, a … Continue reading

Weavin’ n’ Bobbin’

Another weekend been and gone. This one in particular was somewhat special seeing as it was Canada Day on Friday and resulted in a long weekend. No better time to shred. One person in particular who shreds is M’n’P homie Ewan Forrest. Ewan is a quirky character, never short of a smile and a laugh … Continue reading

Is This Summer?

Anyone who lives in Vancouver must be going insane. The only two things can expect here is rain and construction. Its supposed to be a simmering summer right now and we’ve only had a handful of decent days. Having said that though, when its decent, its magnificent and those of us who know that make … Continue reading

Hastings Bites Back

In BMX, every great reward bares an equally great consequence. Anyone whose been in the game long enough has risked it at some point and rolled snake eyes. The cost? Blood. Bruises. Sometimes significantly more. Hastings skatepark is no exception to the rule, in fact its the reason why some weigh the consequence higher than … Continue reading

mushroom and pedal

For many weeks now Trayle Boss, Dyllie and crew have been working hard to dial in their jumps at Kush Trails. Just as often as they dig they have also extended the invitation for people to come out and ride and help out a bit. After a long period of procrastination I managed to make … Continue reading

Piraat Check: Yeearrr, we be quiet from time ‘t time but we arrrrghhh still here

Yeearrhh! S’cuse me my fellow Muffers, been a long time since Capp’n Muffer graced the pages ‘ere. None the less, its straight back t’ bus’ness. Put down yer wenches and yer joysticks ‘n gather ’round so yer good capp’n can tell yee ’bout a beauty of an ale he’s been samplin’ this eve! Mostly we … Continue reading

Video Feature: muffinandpedal Homies!

Over the winter and spring I’ve been getting to know my way around my camera’s video features and along the way I’ve managed to collect a handful of nice clips around Vancouver of our homies having fun on their whips. Its not anything groundbreaking or banger-riffic but it has a nice feel to it and … Continue reading

The Lazer’s Edge

The long weekend has been and gone. I was home from a little vacation just in time to catch up with muffinandpedal homie Andrew Lazaruk. We took at rip down to Vanier park and had a quick dig and jump session before moving on to Horseshoe Bay for the rest of the good weather. We … Continue reading

United by a Common Interest

We all love Hastings,orĀ  at least those of you who visit this blog do. Come rain or shine, sober or hungover, board or bike we’re all there for one reason, the love of Hastings bowl. It doesn’t matter if you’re a trick guy or line guy or tech guy, just getting that buzz from pumping … Continue reading